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About Veterans Recovery Group, Inc.

Be the help you couldn't find

Veterans Recovery Group is a Missouri based

non-profit corporation with a mission of helping veterans who are learning to face the unique challenges they often encounter when they adapt to life again after serving.

For seven years, we have been an online presence on Facebook where vets can find comradery, reach for help, or ask questions. We have built a community that is excellent at rapid response when necessary and we are very good at networking to find solutions.

Now, we are raising money and finding the resources to open our dream-- a Veterans Recovery Ranch.

It is going to be a place where we can provide temporary housing for homeless veterans, or a place where a vet can come to find the help they need.

We will provide job skills training.  We will help with recovery from addiction.  We will have equine therapy and service dog training programs.  We will teach relationship skills and coping mechanisms. 

And, we will provide PTSD counseling and support.

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